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Founder, Creative Director, and CEO
Los Angeles, California
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Malcolm Worthy is a Virginia Beach native with an admirable drive for success…or as he likes to call it, a drive for freedom. In 2018, Malcolm took the first major step in pursuing his dreams and moved across the country to Los Angeles, California. With a burning passion for the entertainment industry, more specifically, Sports, Film, Music, and Fashion, Malcolm has gained traction in his field through high profile brand partnerships including Riot Society, Zumiez, FYE, and Tilly’s.

In addition to gaining notoriety through collaborations, in 2019 he officially launched his production company 1STRɅNGR, a creative powerhouse for visionaries and storytellers alike to share their stories through various mediums. Their first production, BRACKETS, made the semifinals in Film Freeway’s Artists Emerged Festival. Never one to box himself into one category, Malcolm uses his talents in various areas of the Entertainment industry including Modeling, Acting, Music, and Directing, to name a few. He continues to immerse himself with his purpose of changing the lives around him and the world for the better.